Water, mostly

Water, mostly

It burns

​            and tingles and sweats


            reminds and forgets


Goes numb, dull and inert

then wakens, alive and alert


Coughs, spits, swallows, stutters

Lies, cries, whispers, mutters


Flirts, fancies, weeps, winks

Barrows, pleads, bends, sinks


It is mine

            all I am

Yet none of me

            an imposter, a scam


Angry, delirious, frustrated, furious

Delighted, surprised, bewildered, curious


Defiant, hypnotic, incoherent, idiotic

Cautious, courageous, sympathetic, symbiotic


It holds

            me down

It lifts

            me up


Defines me

Deceives me

Revives me

Purifies me


It is water, mostly

Water that wants this body to dance.


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